Chicago Auto show 2019 test tracks review

This is my 5th year of going to the Auto show. I always look forward to the test tracks. This year we could not go on all of them (we did not go on the kia one) and we could not write about one due to a thing on the website (land rover). Here is my point of view.

Kia( the worst): don’t even bother about going on this for thrills.the highest point is only 5”, 2 inches taller than me. And there are no angled sides or a banked wedge.

dodge ram(good for people who like towing and power): the dodge ram course was very good and at one point it sent you 13 feet up at a 35-degree angle on a mountain that.

camp jeep(the og): I have a lot to say for this one. it starts off with the car climbing stairs up and down . Next up is maneuverability maneauver and an extreme break over which sends you 30 degrees side to side.then you go through a tunnel and ascend 18 feet up and down at a 30-degree angle. then you go off camber and low crawl boulders and articulation beams. throughout the course are a 30degree banked wedge, 600 cubic yards of dirt, and 30 tons of boulders.

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