Sticky notes (a poem)

The sticky note, like an alarm clock

A reminder you can take anywhere

You can stick it on to things like Flex Tape

And with the bright colors available they jump out saying, “REMEMBER! REMEMBER!”.

You can use them anytime even in september

Using one will make you feel clever

And buying them at Best Buy or Walmart is not such an endeavor

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse review (SPOILERS )

Oh man this movie was AMAZING! It was made to look like a comic book and it succeeded. I will go in seperate parts like usual .

The Music

We all knew that Post Malone and Swae Lee had a song on there but we were not expecting so many other songs by people like Nicki Minaj, Denzel Curry, YBN Cordae, Lil Wayne, and my favorite musical artist XXXTENTACION. They were all rap songs and they all fitted the mood the movie was trying to make.

The Characters

All I need to say for the good guys is that they had normal characters… and then there’s A PIG! Spider-ham was my favorite part of the movie by far. The bad guys though… let’s just say wanted to murder the spidermen(and girls and pigs) and succeeded… once.

The Shockers

okay so there were a lot of shockers so I will just say them and not give a description:

  • Kingpin killing spiderman
  • Stan Lee making an appearance
  • Uncle Aaron working for kingpin and then getting shot
  • Liz being doc ock
  • Gwen actually being spider Gwen

So if you guys and girls watched the movie tell me your thoughts and how I can improve. Thanks for reading. BYE!

Was the Netflix interactive Minecraft story mode good? (SPOILERS)

Episode 1:

In this episode, there is a lot of peril and thematic elements like when they find the temple they say holy crap and what the hell. In this episode, you get introduced to all the characters and you choose a version of Jesse to play as. The scene when the wither storm emerges is very loud and can be scary. There are also a lot of flashing lights. There is violence but no blood and scenes where characters fight and almost get killed are often. You also have your first major decision in this episode.